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OnTop Ball Toss - It's How You Finish!

Most recreational games are like a race to the finish line.  OnTop is more like a punch-counter punch, a tug of rope, or an arm wrestling competition, where the outcome isn't decided until all balls are tossed.  You're either "On Top", or your not! 

OnTop Ball Toss is an all-inclusive recreational game for everyone to not just play, but to compete! OnTop Ball Toss rewards those who can finish, where you can flip the script with a single toss.  Every round becomes like a sudden death in sports. Take it tailgating, camping, parties, or play it at your local pub or brewery. Set it up in your backyard, or take it inside to a rec room, basement, or garage.  A game with 20 scoring methods, and just the right combination of physical & mental skill requirements, making it truly a game for the Ages...All ages!

(OnTop Ball Toss is Patented & Logo/Name have been registered as Trademarks at the USPTO)

OnTop Ball Toss - It's How You Finish!_(

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OnTop has 14 different Methods of Play

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Super Bowl!  Super Game! OnTop Ball Toss

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FREE extra set of balls with every order

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Inventor's Challenge Day 3..

OnTop would like to thank _clevelandscen

Inventor's Challenge Day 1..

It's a Wet!  I'm mean, it's a Wrap!  OnT

Inventor's Challenge Day 2..

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Outer Harbor Buffalo NY

Thanks for posting to insta _megan102207

Rhinegeist Brewery Cincy Oh

Raleigh Beer Garden

12 Gates Brewery Buffalo NY

OnTop Basement Play

Rainy days - no problem!

Riverworks Brewery Buffalo NY

Playing OnTop Ball Toss with the wifey!_

Browns Tailgating

Pumpkin Nation @ the Barley House in CLE

Personalized Engraving

Summer of 2018


OnTop in work place

OnTop in the Flats

Evening in the Flats of Cleveland Ohio

Bride to Be Loves OnTop!

Night out @ RiverWorks Brewery

More RiverWorks Fun

An All inclusive game, played indoors and out.


Great for Camping!

OnTop deck play

Group Photo

From left to right, OnTop, then a bunch of guys, then OnTop

OnTop @ the Beach

NYBP Brewery

NYBP Brewery

Rustic Engraved Version

NYBP Brewery

OnTop @ coastal taco

NYBP Brewery Patio

Riverworks Brewery

These guys were good!

NYBP Brewery

Memeorial Day Weekend gathering

OnTop Group Photo

First OnTop "graduating class"

NYBP Brewery

NYBP Brewery

OnTop Banner

OnTop yard play in Ohio

OnTp Pimp Job!

Gentleman in Philly retrofitted these LED lights - very cool!

OnTop Beach Action

OnTop Personalized Unit

Big Ditch Brewery engraved logo. Very impressive!

Bubba's dreaming of a better ball toss game! Don't worry Bubba. A limited quantity will be available

OnTop @ the Beer Garden

Beer in one hand, ball in the other. Life is Good!

New friends in The Flats LOVE #ontop #getontop #ontopballtoss #balltoss #cle # Cleveland _8getontop

NYBP OnTop Debut!

OnTop @ Flying Bison brewery

OnTop in the Backyard

OnTop testimonial

Didn't even make this up!

OnTop in broad daylight!

OnTop Beer dispenser?

OnTop in Ohio

OnTop Picture Day!

OnTop goes camping

OnTop...Next Generation


Next generation...after next generation.

OnTop @ Coastal Taco


OnTop (avid horseshoe player)

Got a thumbs up.

OnTop Camping

OnTop OSU & Browns Themed

OnTop by the water

An OnTop Christmas

OnTop Back to the Beach

OnTop Placard of scoring methods

OnTop Early 3D rendering

Flying Bison Brewery OnTop Set

OnTop @ Party in Ohio

Riverworks Brewery

OnTop Wedding Reception

OnTop in the Park

OnTop Shade

Nicely Engraved OnTop unit.

OnTop heading for Steeler Country

OnTop 4th of July Celebration

Call us petty, but it warms our hearts t

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