OnTop Ball Toss - It's How You Finish!

Most recreational games are like a race to the finish line.  OnTop is more like a punch-counter punch, a tug of rope, or an arm wrestling competition, where the outcome isn't decided until all balls are tossed.  You're either "On Top", or your not! 

OnTop Ball Toss is an all-inclusive recreational game for everyone to not just play, but to compete! OnTop Ball Toss rewards those who can finish, where you can flip the script with a single toss.  Every round becomes like a sudden death in sports. Take it tailgating, camping, parties, or play it at your local pub or brewery. Set it up in your backyard, or take it inside to a rec room, basement, or garage.  A game with 20 scoring methods, and just the right combination of physical & mental skill requirements, making it truly a game for the Ages...All ages!

(OnTop Ball Toss is Patented & Logo/Name have been registered as Trademarks at the USPTO)

Buffalo, New York | ontopballtoss@gmail.com | 716.983.9370