OnTop: Testimonials

This is the next big thing! 

"One of the most competitive games out there, the pressure of the final shot shows who has it or not. My family, friend's, team all love it"

"OnTop was the hit of the Party...played all day!"

"Better thAn KanJam!"

"I have 2 of the On Top Ball Toss games and LOVE them.. We take them with us on all of our RV trips. They do not take up a lot of space, and are easy to set up.. I always get compliments from people walking buy about the game. They are truly the perfect game for camping, and tailgating !"

"I hope this explodes...fun game!"

"I Love, Love, Love this Game!"

"I have been playing OnTop all summer. It's easy to pick up and is a lot of fun This past labor day down at the cottage in Rushford NY. It was used the entire weekend amongst 30 guests. It truly is a game for all ages"

Love Them!

"Fun to play...nice to look at!"

"The best part of the game is that our whole family can play it and we ALL love it!  This game is the hit of our parties!"

"This will blow cornhole out of the water!"

Buffalo, New York | ontopballtoss@gmail.com | 716.983.9370