ontop: mission + vision

The OnTop Ball Toss tagline is "It's How You Finish". 

In the Ball Toss game, it means the player, or team, on top at the end of the round wins the round, and the other player, or team, loses the round.  On the other hand, in the game of life, "It's How You Finish", is not as simplistic as the ball toss game.  Many are faced with undeserved or unexpected circumstances, while others have been given advantages that have been taken for granted, or squandered.

However, the OnTop Ball Toss game, and the game of life have one thing in common - both provide opportunities to win in the end. In the ball toss game, it's the ability to hit that last shot under pressure.  In the game of life, it may be giving someone else a shot, who is under pressure through no fault of their own.  

OnTop Ball Toss was born out of an effort to create a TRULY all-inclusive, family friendly game.  "Truly" is capitalized because oftentimes games advertised as "all-inclusive" are only inclusive from a participation standpoint, and not from a competitive standpoint.  So to, as in life, everyone can participate, but not everyone can compete. The reason we all can't compete is complex, but one of the major contributors is that we all don't get to start from the same starting line.  Can you imagine having to run a 100 yard dash, but you had to start 50 yards further back from the starting line, while others get to start 50 yards from the finish line? (I saw a great YouTube video recently that really illustrates this point.  I've included the link below)

This isn't about winning a race in the context of competing with others, but rather, it's about winning YOUR own, personal human race. 


Each of us have a starting line and finish line in our own individual race - unique from all others.  For some, the starting line is so daunting, so far back from where others get to start their race, they run the risk of giving up, never trying, or distracted down the wrong path that appears easier, or less painful.  


On the backend of ones struggles and challenges while running their race, is the "finish line".  And, like the starting line being different for everyone, so to is the finish line.  For some fortunate enough to live a long life, comes the challenges of unanticipated hardships, expenses, and the lack of personal saving to meet the demands.


So, to this end (and start), OnTop, in an effort to even the playing field, intends to allocate 10% of all profits to causes that promote social programs with either a Youth or Senior focus. It represents a drop in the sea of assistance needed to meet the needs of so many, but a drop can start a ripple.  I also would like to challenge others in the outdoor recreational game industry, if they are not doing so already, to do the same.  We promote games as a way folks can enjoy family time, and we also should be supporting causes & programs intended to promote the family itself.

Here's to hoping everyone finishes OnTop!

- Bob Schirmer


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