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Branding & Identity

OnTop is an indoor/outdoor ball toss game intended to be an inclusive, engaging, fun, yet competitive source of recreational entertainment. It’s a game that epitomizes the concept where we’re not judged by “the battle”, but rather “the war”. We’ve all heard the classic Yogi Berra motto “It’s not over ‘til it’s over”. We often see examples in sports, where a team, or a player, is getting dominated by his opponent, only to turn it around in the end with a Hail Mary pass or last second shot . We've seen it in football where a team dominates in every statistical category except the Scoreboard. We’ve seen a Pitcher, with bases loaded and no outs, able to somehow get out of the inning without giving up a run. There are many other examples, both in sports & life, where the process doesn’t necessarily determine the end. So, OnTop is a game that rewards a combination of skillfulness, accuracy, perseverance, optimism, confidence, a bit of luck, but most importantly – timing. In order to end up on top, you have to finish OnTop.


OnTop is very unique in the recreational game space.  Most games are played like a race to the finish line.  OnTop is a push & pull to the finish.  Think of a race where you were able to just push ahead, but also pull your opponent back.  Although OnTop requires hand/eye coordination, it does not exclude the casual game player. It also doesn't exclude based on age or physical skills. Not only does it not exclude participation, it doesn't exclude your ability to compete.  OnTop challenges all participants with a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of the game.  


The rules to OnTop reward finishing. The rules basically say, it doesn’t matter how dominant of a player you are, what matters is “Can You Finish?” Points are awarded each round to only the competitor who finishes OnTop. His opponent could have shamed him through the entire round but, if he was able to finish OnTop, he gets the points and his more dominant opponent gets nothing. And on to the next round. No other game rewards for finish over process like the OnTop Ball Toss Game. There are 20 different scoring methods to choose from. It's a matter of personal preference as to which one you choose. I developed 20 for variety, but also factoring different skillsets/readiness level of participants as well as time contraints.  And OnTop's endgame strategy can  get the best of players with a +1 Bust Rule.  Game outcomes can  become very tight if the endgame is mismanaged.  

Game Setup

The setup of the game is a very important aspect of the OnTop experience. The recommended distance is between 12-15 feet. This makes it possible for the casual player to compete. Possible for youth to compete with adults. Possible for some with disabilities to compete with those without. Possible for grandparents to compete with grandchildren. Another significant benefit from the placement of the Ontop game is, because they are only 12-15 feet apart, it’s possible for all players from both teams to interact with one another. Many games are too far apart or player interaction.  Because of the required distance, and the balls used, OnTop can be played indoors as easily as outdoors.

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